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China Trip – Returned

China Trip – Update


We are all now back in beautiful Jersey. Time to catch up on some well-deserved sleep and prepare for school on Monday morning. Students were superb ambassadors for Hautlieu and Jersey and thoroughly enjoyed their time at our sister school Bayi, Beijing.

A special thanks goes to Miss Miorin for organising yet another fantastic trip.

If you would like to continue to look at some of the images taken during our time in China, please see the links below.

China – Homeward bound..

Are we nearly there yet?

We left the hotel in  Beijing at 3.00am China time, 7.00pm Jersey time and most students having approximately 2 hours sleep before departure. To say the students were exhausted is an understatement. Some of the pictures posted below show the level of exhaustion.

The students have been absolutely fantastic on the trip, all worthy ambassadors for Hautlieu and Jersey.

It is now 1.39pm and we are all enjoying a British meal for lunch. No rice to be seen for miles!

See you soon in Jersey. Arrival approximately 5.00pm.

1. Beijing Airport – awaiting departure.

P_20150307_061114 P_20150307_060919 P_20150307_060857

2. Arrival at Gatwick – waiting for the final flight – to Jersey. See you all soon.


China – Day 8

This morning – we had a lay in! Students were asked to arrive later than normal at the hotel reception – 8.30am! We then made our way back to our sister school BaYi for another fun filed day. Pictures below.

Time seems to have flown. We can not believe that we are now back at the hotel packing for our 2.00am wake-up call to start to make our way back to Jersey. If all goes according to plan, we will see our friends and family in Jersey on Saturday afternoon. The plane from the UK should arrive in Jersey at 5.00pm (approx.). We are very much looking forward to seeing you.

1. Welcome presentation

P_20150306_103809 - Day 8

2. Problem solving activity – the team who could build the longest bridge to support the weight of a tennis  ball using straws and cocktail sticks.

P_20150306_110850 P_20150306_111634 P_20150306_111756 P_20150306_113322 P_20150306_113427

3. Pizza (a very well received alternative to Chinese) for lunch. Some students also took part in various sporting activities. Basketball and table tennis were most popular.

P_20150306_124036 P_20150306_124044 P_20150306_132429 P_20150306_120637

4. Mr Falle was interviewed for he school television by the school journalists Lucy and Silvy.


5. The final activity of the trip was a visit to an acrobatics show which Victoria had the honor of opening. A fantastic spectacle indeed.

P_20150306_191532 P_20150306_192102 P_20150306_192156 P_20150306_192601 P_20150306_192757 P_20150306_193231 P_20150306_194223 P_20150306_195839 P_20150306_200617 P_20150306_201638 P_20150306_202543 P_20150306_202650

China – Day 7

We arrived back in Beijing on the morning of Day 7. The train from Xian arrived at 7.00am with a wake-up call for all students at 6.00am. Sleep deprivation is something that we have got used to. Below are some of the pictures of taken of the activities on Day 7.

1. Arriving at BaYi School Beijing – A very warm welcome and the exchange of gifts.

IMG_9806 IMG_9808 IMG_9823 IMG_9829 IMG_9831 IMG_9840 IMG_9856

2. Break and Assembly Time.

IMG_9859 IMG_9861 IMG_9878 IMG_9886 IMG_9891 IMG_9897

3. King Fu Lesson

IMG_9942 IMG_9944 IMG_9976 IMG_9996 IMG_9966 IMG_9962

4. Student Taking Part in Lessons – Information Technology, Mathematics and Art

P_20150305_105624 IMG_9873 IMG_9868 IMG_0027 IMG_0036 IMG_9862

5. Student Hosting. At the end of the day, most Hautlieu Students were taken home by their BaYi friends and were introduced to various events and activities. Two students learned to make traditional Chinese dumplings. Our students thoroughly enjoyed their time with their BaYi hosts.

P_20150305_203532 - Students P_20150305_203629 P_20150305_204232 P_20150305_204715 P_20150305_205105

China – Day 5

Wow – what a day! Fun full filled action packed busy day. It is now 11.00pm China (Xian) time and all students are in bed ready for a 6.30am start in the morning. Today we arrived off the overnight train and walked through some of Xian city to get to the hotel. Below are some of the pictures taken. See you all soon.

1. Arriving in Xian on the overnight train.


2. Cycle around Xian ancient city walls (14KM). Congratulations to Nathaniel who arrived “back to base” in under 35 minutes.

P_20150303_194452 P_20150303_194601 P_20150303_195124 P_20150303_203644

3. Calligraphy Lesson.

P_20150303_230453 P_20150303_230535 P_20150303_232321

4. Great Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Buddhist Temple)


5. Tang Dynasty Show with Grand Dumpling Banquet. Approximately 300 attendees all sang a Happy Birthday to Charlotte. We also saw the biggest birthday cake in history.

P_20150304_015307 P_20150304_031532 P_20150304_031935 P_20150304_033751 P_20150304_034714 P_20150304_035012 P_20150304_035544 P_20150304_040311 P_20150304_044003 P_20150304_042553

6. Muslim Quarter Night Market.

P_20150304_051829 P_20150304_051801 P_20150304_052217

China – Day 4

Hello again from China. Day 4 was another exciting and adventurous day with the sun still shining brightly! The train to Xian was an adventure. We are now booked in to our second hotel and awaiting departure from the hotel to see what day 5 has in store. Below are some pictures of day 4. Please re-visit soon.

1, Temple of Heaven Gardens. The students (and staff) enjoyed and got involved with the activities.


2. The Temple of Heaven

P_20150302_120102P_20150302_111328 IMG_9145 IMG_9079 IMG_9050

3. Shopping!

IMG_9169 IMG_9194 IMG_9203 IMG_9215

4. Going to the Train.

IMG_9236 IMG_9238 IMG_9245 IMG_9272

5. On the train – getting ready for some sleep – I think not!

P_20150302_202039 P_20150302_202146 P_20150302_202200 P_20150302_203538 - Day4