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China – Day 4

Hello again from China. Day 4 was another exciting and adventurous day with the sun still shining brightly! The train to Xian was an adventure. We are now booked in to our second hotel and awaiting departure from the hotel to see what day 5 has in store. Below are some pictures of day 4. Please re-visit soon.

1, Temple of Heaven Gardens. The students (and staff) enjoyed and got involved with the activities.


2. The Temple of Heaven

P_20150302_120102P_20150302_111328 IMG_9145 IMG_9079 IMG_9050

3. Shopping!

IMG_9169 IMG_9194 IMG_9203 IMG_9215

4. Going to the Train.

IMG_9236 IMG_9238 IMG_9245 IMG_9272

5. On the train – getting ready for some sleep – I think not!

P_20150302_202039 P_20150302_202146 P_20150302_202200 P_20150302_203538 - Day4

China – Day 3

Happy Sunday to you all in Jersey. We have had another fantastic day in Sunny Beijing. The sun has been shining and we have been reliably informed by our tour rep that this is the first time the sun has been seen in Beijing this year! We have all packed and ready to move on to Xian tomorrow but today we saw the incredible sights of:

1. Great Wall of China

P_20150301_100220 P_20150301_095157P_20150301_102213 P_20150301_102216 P_20150301_104003

2.Sacred Way to Ming Tombs

P_20150301_143812  P_20150301_145131 P_20150301_150914 P_20150301_151522

Can you tell what is wrong with this sitting elephant? Answers on a postcard please.

3.Tea Ceremony

P_20150301_163921 P_20150301_171602 - Day3

Please be aware that we are unlikely to post again on this page until we arrive in Xian on Tuesday. Please re-visit soon.

China – Day 2

Ni Hao Jersey. We are just back in the Hotel after another action packed day. Students have been fantastic although still a little tired. We woke to up to snow this morning and a wonderful international breakfast. The highlights of the day were:

  1. Tiananmen Square


  1. Forbidden City


  1. Silk Factory


  1. Summer Palace (Although it did not feel anything like summer. It was slightly cold!)


5. Dinner (Seb’s Birthday – 17 today!)


6. Kung Foo Show


More updates coming soon.

China – Day 1

China Update – Day 1

We have just arrived in our first hotel in Beijing. We had a superb trip out, busy day and all students and staff are now exhausted with some of the party having been awake for over 33 hours since leaving Jersey. Below are some of the pictures of where we visited today. Please scroll down.

1. Olympic Village – Birds Nest

P_20150227_060916 (Medium)

2. Olympic Village – Water Cube

P_20150227_070610 (Medium)

P_20150227_070432 (Medium)

P_20150227_065833 (Medium)

3. Traditional Chinese Hutongs – including Rickshaw ride.

P_20150227_080706 (Medium)


P_20150227_080909 (Medium)

P_20150227_084315 (Medium)

P_20150227_084527 (Medium)

P_20150227_084410 (Medium)

P_20150227_084402 (Medium)

More coming soon.

Too Much Punch For Judy

Today Hautlieu was entertained by the fresh new local theatre company Love Theatre.
The group, comprised of previous Hautlieu students and directed by former Hautlieu teacher Michelle Smith, performed Too Much Punch For Judy, a play based on true stories and the dangers of drink driving.
After their performance the group held workshops to teach students about the risk involved behind alcohol.
Hautlieu extends a great thank you to Michelle Smith and her Love Theatre actors.

Love Theatre @ Hautlieu School
Love Theatre @ Hautlieu School

The Actors were:
Molly Byrne-shore
Joseph Dowie
Alice Murray
Jack Matthews