China – Day 1

China Update – Day 1

We have just arrived in our first hotel in Beijing. We had a superb trip out, busy day and all students and staff are now exhausted with some of the party having been awake for over 33 hours since leaving Jersey. Below are some of the pictures of where we visited today. Please scroll down.

1. Olympic Village – Birds Nest

P_20150227_060916 (Medium)

2. Olympic Village – Water Cube

P_20150227_070610 (Medium)

P_20150227_070432 (Medium)

P_20150227_065833 (Medium)

3. Traditional Chinese Hutongs – including Rickshaw ride.

P_20150227_080706 (Medium)


P_20150227_080909 (Medium)

P_20150227_084315 (Medium)

P_20150227_084527 (Medium)

P_20150227_084410 (Medium)

P_20150227_084402 (Medium)

More coming soon.