China – Day 4

Hello again from China. Day 4 was another exciting and adventurous day with the sun still shining brightly! The train to Xian was an adventure. We are now booked in to our second hotel and awaiting departure from the hotel to see what day 5 has in store. Below are some pictures of day 4. Please re-visit soon.

1, Temple of Heaven Gardens. The students (and staff) enjoyed and got involved with the activities.


2. The Temple of Heaven

P_20150302_120102P_20150302_111328 IMG_9145 IMG_9079 IMG_9050

3. Shopping!

IMG_9169 IMG_9194 IMG_9203 IMG_9215

4. Going to the Train.

IMG_9236 IMG_9238 IMG_9245 IMG_9272

5. On the train – getting ready for some sleep – I think not!

P_20150302_202039 P_20150302_202146 P_20150302_202200 P_20150302_203538 - Day4