China – Day 5

Wow – what a day! Fun full filled action packed busy day. It is now 11.00pm China (Xian) time and all students are in bed ready for a 6.30am start in the morning. Today we arrived off the overnight train and walked through some of Xian city to get to the hotel. Below are some of the pictures taken. See you all soon.

1. Arriving in Xian on the overnight train.


2. Cycle around Xian ancient city walls (14KM). Congratulations to Nathaniel who arrived “back to base” in under 35 minutes.

P_20150303_194452 P_20150303_194601 P_20150303_195124 P_20150303_203644

3. Calligraphy Lesson.

P_20150303_230453 P_20150303_230535 P_20150303_232321

4. Great Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Buddhist Temple)


5. Tang Dynasty Show with Grand Dumpling Banquet. Approximately 300 attendees all sang a Happy Birthday to Charlotte. We also saw the biggest birthday cake in history.

P_20150304_015307 P_20150304_031532 P_20150304_031935 P_20150304_033751 P_20150304_034714 P_20150304_035012 P_20150304_035544 P_20150304_040311 P_20150304_044003 P_20150304_042553

6. Muslim Quarter Night Market.

P_20150304_051829 P_20150304_051801 P_20150304_052217