China – Day 7

We arrived back in Beijing on the morning of Day 7. The train from Xian arrived at 7.00am with a wake-up call for all students at 6.00am. Sleep deprivation is something that we have got used to. Below are some of the pictures of taken of the activities on Day 7.

1. Arriving at BaYi School Beijing – A very warm welcome and the exchange of gifts.

IMG_9806 IMG_9808 IMG_9823 IMG_9829 IMG_9831 IMG_9840 IMG_9856

2. Break and Assembly Time.

IMG_9859 IMG_9861 IMG_9878 IMG_9886 IMG_9891 IMG_9897

3. King Fu Lesson

IMG_9942 IMG_9944 IMG_9976 IMG_9996 IMG_9966 IMG_9962

4. Student Taking Part in Lessons – Information Technology, Mathematics and Art

P_20150305_105624 IMG_9873 IMG_9868 IMG_0027 IMG_0036 IMG_9862

5. Student Hosting. At the end of the day, most Hautlieu Students were taken home by their BaYi friends and were introduced to various events and activities. Two students learned to make traditional Chinese dumplings. Our students thoroughly enjoyed their time with their BaYi hosts.

P_20150305_203532 - Students P_20150305_203629 P_20150305_204232 P_20150305_204715 P_20150305_205105