China – Day 8

This morning – we had a lay in! Students were asked to arrive later than normal at the hotel reception – 8.30am! We then made our way back to our sister school BaYi for another fun filed day. Pictures below.

Time seems to have flown. We can not believe that we are now back at the hotel packing for our 2.00am wake-up call to start to make our way back to Jersey. If all goes according to plan, we will see our friends and family in Jersey on Saturday afternoon. The plane from the UK should arrive in Jersey at 5.00pm (approx.). We are very much looking forward to seeing you.

1. Welcome presentation

P_20150306_103809 - Day 8

2. Problem solving activity – the team who could build the longest bridge to support the weight of a tennis  ball using straws and cocktail sticks.

P_20150306_110850 P_20150306_111634 P_20150306_111756 P_20150306_113322 P_20150306_113427

3. Pizza (a very well received alternative to Chinese) for lunch. Some students also took part in various sporting activities. Basketball and table tennis were most popular.

P_20150306_124036 P_20150306_124044 P_20150306_132429 P_20150306_120637

4. Mr Falle was interviewed for he school television by the school journalists Lucy and Silvy.


5. The final activity of the trip was a visit to an acrobatics show which Victoria had the honor of opening. A fantastic spectacle indeed.

P_20150306_191532 P_20150306_192102 P_20150306_192156 P_20150306_192601 P_20150306_192757 P_20150306_193231 P_20150306_194223 P_20150306_195839 P_20150306_200617 P_20150306_201638 P_20150306_202543 P_20150306_202650