Coronavirus Information

Hautlieu School is currently operating a system of home learning during the period of school closures as a result of the Coronavirus. We are, however, continuing to provide in-school support for a group of students we have been in contact with as part of Government of Jersey planning.

We have written and to all parents, carers and students with details of our home learning approach and will continue to be in contact to support learning and to provide updates on the award of qualification and grades for students in Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13.  Should any parent, carer or student have questions then please do let us know by email to the school office on or telephone 736242.  Please click here for more details on our home learning approach.  In addition we have put together some guidance on staying healthy – please click here.

For any questions in relation to the Coronavirus please go to

We know these are challenging times but we have absolute faith in our remarkable students, parents, carers and staff to support one another.

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