Hautlieu Bayi Homestay 2017

Hautlieu Bayi Homestay

Thursday 9 February 2017  (3.20pm – school drop off Friday 10 February)

‘Hautlieu Bayi Homestay Letters must be completed. They can be found below. Please fill out and return the relevant letter’

dress code 16+
Homestay request letter Yr 10
dress code 16+
Homestay request letter Yr 11 12 13

 Why are we providing the opportunity for home-stay during this visit?

Firstly, a massive thanks to you for kindly agreeing to welcome our Bayi visitors into your homes. This is the second time we have offered the homestay experience and quite simply we couldn’t do this without you!

Exposing our students to other cultures and broadening their understanding of the world is a really important part of their education. The opportunity to meet a student from China couldn’t be a better way to do this! We are always so proud of how our students act as hosts and grateful to you as parents in encouraging your son/daughters to test their comfort zones.

To help you prepare for the visit a series of possible questions have been addressed below. Please however don’t hesitate to talk to us if you have other questions. Our Bayi students are immensely looking forward to the spending time with you. Jersey is part of their wider UK visit and they will be excited at the prospect or returning home for Chinese New Year to be with their families.

FAQ’s for Homestay Parents and Students.

Will my guest speak English?

The standard of English will vary with some students being very proficient to others having limited English.  Our experience, however, suggests that communicating via non-verbal communication, translation software through the internet and laughter is all part of the experience and an enjoyable one at that!

Will the guests be briefed on UK/Jersey culture?

Our guests will be familiar with a number of aspects of Western culture and will have already spent time in the UK.  They will have received a briefing about the homestay from their teachers.

What if you need to speak to someone, for example, your guest is unwell, there is an accident or if you have any questions?

Please call our contact number at any time of the evening, night or morning.  The number to call is:

 07797 968 943

What if the guest wishes to speak with their teacher?

The students will have been provided with a contact number for one of the visiting staff.  You may need to help them by letting them use your home phone.  Again, if there is any confusion call one of the mobile numbers above.

Will I get any information about the person visiting our house before the evening?

Yes – we will provide you with a questionnaire that your guest will have completed in advance (this includes their email address should you wish to make contact prior to the visit).

Will I be aware of existing medical conditions such as nut allergies?

Yes – we will inform you of any information provided the Bayi trip organiser but to be sure ask the student directly.

How should I supervise the homestay and the guest in our home?

We do need the adults in the house to take responsibility for the safety of your guest in the same way you look after your own child, but perhaps be a little more vigilant as you would normally be with any “homestay” guest in your house.  If you have house rules like taking shoes off at the door or the dog must not go in the lounge, you will need to explain them.  If the toilet door lock is broken, you may want to get it fixed before you host!

 How should I supervise our guest while travelling home from school on the bus?

We don’t necessarily expect students to be collected from school (but feel free) as Liberty bus have kindly offered free travel for our guests.  Parents – if your student walks home then it is fine for our guests to walk as well.  They will have an overnight bag with them and students will need to help them get used to our traffic conditions.

Can my son/daughter take their new friend to town after school to meet with other friends before going home for dinner?

Yes.  Look after them, treat them to a coffee with your friends but take specific care crossing roads as our guests will look to the left when crossing instead of right. Stay together, do not split up!  Should you become separated then contact us on one of the above numbers. Last year when hosted the Bayi students really welcomed the opportunity to go with their Hautlieu buddies into town after school ended and do some last minute souvenir shopping for their families before being hosted for dinner. This is entirely up to you, if you want to let your son/daughter take them to town first before they come home. You may have other plans.

My auntie and cousin want to pop round and meet our guest, is this allowed or desirable?

Yes, of course but as parents for the evening we need you to be responsible for your guest throughout their stay.

What would be a suitable evening with our guest?

There is no perfect evening.  Provide opportunities to talk – play a board game, expect to talk over dinner and find out about life in China (on their return students will be looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year).  Find out what we have and have not got in common.  You could watch some TV and ask what TV is like in China.  If you normally walk the dog or visit grandma each evening, take them with you. They are here to learn about us and how we live.  If you normally have swimming for 3 hours, you may need to give it a miss in order to make the evening as enjoyable as possible.

Do I need to take our guest out to dinner on Wednesday evening?

No.  A family meal at home is just as suitable as an evening out – this is completely up to you

Are the students allowed to smoke or drink alcohol?


Do we need to give gifts?

Last year a number of our Chinese guests offered small gifts to the family they spent time with. This is very much part of the custom of Chinese New Year. It is entirely appropriate to accept. If you do wish to give a small gift that would be lovely, for example, a pack of Jersey Fudge or a Jersey Souvenir or even something homemade. In Chinese culture giving things in sets of two are extremely lucky for Chinese New Year! It’s the thought rather than the expense that matters.

Should I provide our guest with WIFI access in the house?

This can be useful for translation purposes but we hope that there will be plenty of interaction away from the screen of a mobile or tablet!

Is it ok to play computer games or watch a film on TV?

This is fine but age restricted guidance should be followed.

I’m worried about our guest’s behaviour or I’m worried that our guest is unhappy?

During the previous visits by Bayi we have encountered only positive behaviour and smiles; therefore we fully expect your experience to be wonderful.  However, if you cannot resolve a situation as you would normally reasonably do as a parent, please call our contact number.

Our dog has chewed up our guest’s trainer or something gets broken, what shall I do?

Accidents will happen.  Unless it is an emergency let us know on Thursday morning.

What will the students have with them for the overnight stay?

The student’s main suitcase will be left at their hotel but they will be packing a small overnight bag.

 What should the bed time routine be?

This is up to you.

Should I purchase a new and expensive bed?

No.  ‘Mucking in’ during a home-stay is all part of the fun just like students having sleep-overs at their mates.  A blow-up bed is fine – it’s one night.

Do students need breakfast on Thursday morning?

Yes please.  Some guests will be leaving school and going straight out to Noirmont for a tour of the bunkers and Gorey castle. Other students will go straight into classes, so a good breakfast is important.

Do students need a packed lunch for Thursday?

Students do not need a packed lunch as we will be providing them with lunch at school or out if they are visiting the island.

How will our students get back to Hautlieu on Thursday morning?

We will be at Hautlieu from 7.45am to welcome our guests back into school.  If you are unable to drop your guest off they can travel with your son/daughter in their normal way (but not bicycle!).  Time of arrival should be no later than 8.20am as some students will be leaving at this time for activities around the Island.

This is when your homestay will officially end. Thank you!


Should have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us at school.  We are sure you will have a wonderful experience and again thank you for your generosity in supporting this fabulous opportunity.