Student Reports, Feedback and Testimonials

Shania Phillips (Year 12 student at Hautlieu School 2019) was funded by The Hautlieu Trust, to enable her to attend the Investin Young Lawyer Programme, at University College London. She attended a series of lectures and activities, exploring the varying areas covered within the law profession.

Please click here to read more about Shania’s experience.

Fynn Mason (Year 12 student at Hautlieu School 2019) joined the British Exploring Society’s expedition in the wilderness of the Canadian Yukon during the summer of 2019, after making an application to The Hautlieu Trust Fund.

Find out more about Fynn’s trip on his blog:

Lauren Glendewar (Year 12 student at Hautlieu School 2019) made an application to The Hautlieu Trust, to fund her attendance at a structural engineering course at Coventry University, organised by the Smallpeice Trust.

You can read about Lauren’s experience here : Lauren Glendewar Grant Report

Jack Searson (Year 13 student at Hautlieu School 2019) made an application to The Hautlieu Trust to fund a charitable journey to Uganda with The Kafunjo Community Project. The plan was to build a 52 bedroom dormitory for the orphans of the village. The village itself is situated in the South West of Uganda in the district of Ibanda.

The Project itself has been running since 2014, making this the fourth trip out to Kafunjo from the UK. Work done in previous years has meant that the village currently has had seven classrooms built, employs 13 staff including teachers, cooks and supporting staff. But most importantly, 350 kids have the opportunity to receive free education up to primary 6 level as well as one free meal per day.

Jack’s application was successful and meant that he could fly out to Uganda on the 20th of November. The 2 week trip was life changing for Jack, and as a result he filmed, edited and produced this film.