China 2017

Thursday 16th March – China Visit 

Time for our long day of travelling home – we have had the best experience and all made memories that will last a lifetime!

Wednesday 15th March – China Visit 

We all met back at Bayi School this morning, with everybody excited to share their experiences of spending the evening with their buddies on their homestays. Today, we had the opportunity of learning a style of Chinese folk dance, involving spinning handkerchiefs – much harder than it looks… and another chance to hone our skills in a calligraphy lesson.

Mr Falle with our dance teachers.

We left Bayi School after lunch and headed off to the Pearl Market, not to buy pearls, but instead to work our best bartering skills to get the cheapest price for chopsticks, teapots, scarfs, bags, and more.

This evening we went to an acrobat show “The best in Beijing” which lived up to it’s tagline.

Tuesday 14th March – China Visit 

We started the day by making the short walk from our hotel to Bayi School, where we we greeted with a very warm welcome.  The students were quickly paired up with their buddies and spent the day joining them in lessons before heading off for their homestays.

Monday 13th March – China Visit 

We started our day with a visit to the Sacred Road, which is considered to be the road leading to heaven.  Chinese emperors would pass through the Sacred Road during their funeral procession, this was to symbolise the passed emperor’s journey to heaven.  The road is lined with stone statues (12 human figures and 24 animals)

Mr Falle with one of the four elephants lining the road.

A big highlight of our trip so far was our visit to the Great Wall of China.  We enjoyed a chair lift up the mountain to start our walk along the wall.

Instead of the chairlift back down the mountain most of us opted for a toboggan ride.

Sunday 12th March – China Visit – The Forbidden City and Summer Palace 

Can you spot our student Kung Fu fighters? 

Saturday 11th March 2017 – China Visit – Lucy’s Birthday!!!

Our first stop of the day was the Confucius Temple where we learnt about Confucius and the tablets that he used to name his students.

We next walked around the Hutong and then went to a tea ceremony where we tried 5 different types of tea: fruit tea, oolong, tea (meaning black dragon) black lychee tea with rose buds and pa’er (a tea with medicinal properties, often used for dieting) and jasmine green tea.   Lucy got a free gift for her birthday which you use to check the correct temperature of the water. There was also a really cute puppy which we stroked.

Lastly we spent the majority of the afternoon in the Olympic Village where we visited the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube.



At dinner there was a wide variety of food and Lucy got a delicious birthday cake!

Friday 10th March 2017 – China Visit

08:15: We’ve all just finished breakfast and checking out of the hotel in Xi’an at 9am.  We have an exciting day ahead of us, with a Chinese calligraphy lesson, a visit to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Grand Mosque and Muslim Quarter all before getting the overnight train back to Beijing.  As we’ll be on the train we no wifi, we probably won’t have an opportunity to  update you until tomorrow, but check back again on Saturday.

Thursday 9th March 2017 – China Visit 

Our first stop of the day was the factory where the replicas of the Terracotta Warriors are made. We got a brief explanation of the process and how to distinguish well-made dragons from fakes (1 or 2 holes). After that, we moved onto the shop section, where the salespeople were extremely ‘friendly’. By this I mean that they tried to convince us to spend all our money on their products.

At the actual Terracotta Museum, we met a Canadian group from the french-speaking area with hoodies the same color as ours which prompted and exchange of information of where we were all from. The first section of the museum was the part that comes to most people’s minds when thinking about the clay army: row upon row of soldiers and horses. Most of the statues are reconstructed after the damaged they have received. There were 3 other sections, 2 containing what is believed to be an ancient place of worship and some broken statues, and the other housing 2 bronze chariots and the explanation of the excavation of the site over the years.

The next stop was a visit to the Xi’an city wall, a construct that has protected the city many times and is 13.7 kilometers in length. We rented bicycles and proceeded to ride around the top of the wall for the following 1:30 hours. 2 of our group even managed to go all the way around! As we slowly gathered back at the meeting point, some people bought ice-creams and drinks to cool down after the bike ride.

It was straight to the dumpling banquet after that, where we got to try many different types of dumpling, included but not limited to: cabbage, duck, egg and green beans, and pork (you can’t forget the pork).

We watched a show afterwards, with performances from the Tang dynasty. It was an hour long, and the part everyone seemed to enjoy the most was the performer playing a trumpet who could also sing like one.

After a long and tiring day, we returned to the hotel, where we will hopefully all have a good night’s sleep, ready for tomorrow’s activities.

Wednesday 8th March 2017 – China Visit

After a long 30+ hours of traveling  we have arrived safe and sound at our hotel in Xian.  It is 23:00 local time, we’re all of to bed, ready for an exciting day tomorrow.  Check back here tomorrow for an update of our day and photos.


1830 –  07/03/17  The group are off on their trip to China.  The flight is currently over Latvia but you can track it’s progress using this link…

Itinerary for the trip:

Outward bound

Tuesday 7th  March 2017

BA2271 (1 hour)

Departing            Jersey at 09.20

Arriving                London Gatwick at 10.20

Transfer to Heathrow by pre-booked coach

  1. 30 check in for flight at LONDON HEATHROW Airport no later than 3 hours before departure.

Flight BA0039 (9hrs 55mins)

Departing London Heathrow at:     16.20

Arriving  Beijing International at: 10.25 (8th March local time)                      ____________________________________________________

Inward bound

Thursday 16th March 2017        Flight BA0038 (11hrs 25mins)

Departing            Beijing Airport at:                        00.10

Arriving                London Heathrow  at:                15.35

Coach Transfer to Gatwick

Flight BA2778    (1hr)

Departing: London Gatwick       Thursday 16th March at 19.20

Arriving:               Jersey Airport at 20.20


Parents to pick up students from Jersey Airport on landing

ITINERARY: China 2017     

Mar 7: Depart Jersey, your coach will meet you and transfer you from Gatwick to London Heathrow for your flight to China.

Mar 8: Arrive in China, met by our guide and transfer to train station for bullet train to Xian, stay at Quest Hotel (L-D)

Mar 9: Big Wild Goose Pagoda (min 2.5 hrs), Muslim Quarter, Grand Mosque, Huajuexiang shopping, Night Market, Tang Dynasty Show with dumpling banquet (B-L-D)

Mar 10: Terra-cotta Army, Ancient City Wall including bike ride, calligraphy lesson, overnight train back to Beijing (B-L-D)

Mar 11: Morning arrive in Beijing, transfer to Ariva Beijing West Hotel & Service Apartment for breakfast. (5 rooms are available for early access). Olympic Stadium and Water Cube(both inside), Hutong Walking Tour, Tea Ceremony (B-L-D)

Mar 12: Tiananmen Square, Mao’s Mausoleum, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, evening Kung Fu Show (B-L-D)

Mar 13: Great Wall at Mutianyu Section, Sacred Road, Temple of Heaven (B-L-D)

Mar 14: Students walk to Bayi School with staff (B-D)   Homestay with Bayi students

Mar 15: Students walk to Bayi School with staff for exchange later that afternoon your coach will pick you up and take you to visit the Pearl Market, evening Acrobatic Show (B-L-D)

Mar 16: Transfer to airport for flight back home (B) On arrival in London, your coach will meet you and transfer you from London Heathrow to London Gatwick for your flight back to Jersey.

Looking ahead – The Proposed Dates for the 2017 China trip are from the 7th to the 17th of March 2017.
Please see the attached letter for more information.

Letter – China Trip Promotion for 2017

Hautlieu Bayi Homestay

Thursday 9 February 2017  (3.20pm – school drop off Friday 10 February)

All information and request forms can be located [HERE]