Triple P – Positive Parenting Program

Upcoming events:

Tuesday 24th September 6-7.30pm – “Getting Teenagers Connected” Seminar by Dr Patricia Tumelty.

Tuesday 8th October 6-8pm – “Getting Teenagers to Co-operate” How to help your teenager become more confident, develop their social skills, and encourage your teenager to make and keep commitments.

Tueday 26th November 6-8pm –“Reducing Family Conflict” Parent traps and how to manage family conflict.

Tuesday 21st January 6-8pm – “Raising Responsible Teenagers” Seminar by Dr Patricia Tumelty.

Tuesday 25th February 6-8pm – “Coping with Teenage Emotions” Managing your teenagers emotions, being aware of possible parent traps and encouraging emotional control.

Tuesday 17th March 6-8pm – “Building Teenage Survival Skills” Planning ahead to reduce risky behaviour and being aware of parent traps.

If you would like to sign up to any of the above courses and seminars, please contact Louise Jackson at