The Constitution of the Hautlieu Student Council

The aim of the student council can be encapsulated in the belief that each individual student has the right for their voice to be heard. The Student Council provides a body through which they can discuss their opinions and ideas on the development of the learning environment, and to expand their knowledge and understanding of issues that affect them. Students can also improve upon their skills such as problem solving, speaking and organisation.

Structure / Process :

  • Collect information and views from the students that can be related to the council.
  • Meetings between individual year groups / key stages to discuss relevant issues.
  • Meetings between whole student council. Each year group presents an agenda which is later discussed by the whole council.

In terms of feedback, minutes of the meetings are to be sent to Mrs Cleave.

Student Council Representation :

  • The views and suggestions of the year group are constructively and respectfully represented at meetings.
  • Contributing to discussion of items or topics on the meeting agenda.
  • Attending and / or contributing to Hautlieu events when necessary.
  • Representing their year group in an ameliorative manner for the entirety of the year.

Aims of the Hautlieu Student Council :

  • To gain a better understanding of how the school works and what it offers.
  • To provide more support for students struggling with school work, exams and revision – especially during exam seasons.
  • To create a closer community within the school, blurring the lines between our own and different year groups as well as teachers.
  • To give support to those who are struggling with mental illnesses, exam stresses, and things happening outside of school.
  • To improve vital skills such as communication, teamwork and life skills.
  • To create more equal opportunities for students to experience the workplace environment outside of school which would then help them in deciding their future career.
  • To improve the general wellbeing of the school.
  • To make student’ life more enjoyable with more extracurricular opportunities / events.
  • To help local and international charities.
  • To make a positive change and help the school develop as a whole, being more productive as the student body and have this recognition on our CV.
  • To represent the opinions of our year group and let the entire student body feel like they have a voice.
  • To give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organising and carrying out school activities and service projects – maturity, experience and involvement.
  • To offer guidance and support to all students in the school.
  • To provide a friendly face and someone that students could confide in.

Created Wednesday 3rd October 2018