Hautlieu Board of Governors

Function of the Board of Governors

The Hautlieu Board of Governors provides oversight of the school as part its accountability process including:

  • Consideration of the financial performance of the school, making sure its money is well spent
  • Consideration of the school’s leadership of educational standards and students’ achievement
  • Consideration of the school’s clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

Board of Governor Meetings and Sub-committee meetings

The Board of Governors meets as a whole group four times per year.  In addition there are four Governor sub-committees overseeing specific areas of the school’s work:

  • Safeguarding and health and safety sub-committee (meets three times per year)
  • Finance sub-committee (meets three times per year)
  • Curriculum, staffing, standards and inclusion sub-committee (meets three times per year)
  • Governance and risk sub-committee (meets twice per year)

Members of the Hautlieu Board of Governors as of January 2020

  • Mrs Sylvia Roberts (Chair)
  • Dr Graham Root (Vice-Chair, Parent Governor)
  • Mr Rob Shipley (Invited Governor)
  • Ms Aynslie Le Brun (Invited Governor)
  • Ms Gailina Liew (Invited Governor)
  • Deputy Jess Perchard (Invited Governor)
  • Miss Megan Clifford (Invited Governor)
  • Mr Adrian Moss (Staff Governor)

Also attending meetings:

  • Mr Nick Falle – Headteacher
  • Miss Kate Blackhall – Deputy Headteacher
  • Miss Claire Jackson – Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs Margret Eldridge-Mrotzek – Department for Children, Young People, Education and Skills Representative
  • Miss Sarah Barton – Clerk to the Hautlieu Board of Governors

How can I make contact with the Board of Governors?

Should you wish to contact the Governors then please email Sarah Barton, the Clerk to the Board of Governors, at s.barton@hautlieu.sch.je and she will forward your communication to the Chair in the first instance.