Head Team

From left to right: Joel, Phoebe, Madeleine and Eoghan

Eoghan – Head Boy

Hautlieu is a school that makes sure to offer every opportunity available to every student. Here you can achieve as much as you would like, in order to do whatever you’d like after school. Never has a teacher turned me away when seeking help, be that with my studies directly, or any other issues I may be facing. There is no shame in asking for help here. Aside from the teachers, the surrounding school community is always very welcoming and supportive; one of the benefits of everyone joining at 14 is that you’re all in the same boat so it’s very easy to form a good group of friends, everyone having the same experience as you.

The school provides challenges to stretch you and deepen your understanding of your subjects which has been very important for me. There is also the vast range of extra-curricular opportunities available to students. I do a lot of music outside of school and there are always events going on throughout the school year for musical students. This includes, but is not limited to: The Summer Concert, Battle of the Bands, Christmas Performance, and performance to the visiting school from China. For me this encapsulates the support the school gives students in their ambitions.

To conclude, during your time here you will work very hard, but have a lot of fun along the way, which makes it all the more rewarding.

Madeleine – Head Girl

Hautlieu is a school that allows you to grow into yourself and discover your own personality and passions. The unspoken ethos of the school is to be accepting of students from various walks of life.   I’m proud to be a part of an institution that continues to be so progressive when it comes to accommodating everyone’s needs to the best of their ability; particularly when it comes to exam conditions, which is so important as it’s such a key time in a student’s life.

When I joined Hautlieu in Year 10 at age 14, I was worried being so excited and having wanted to join the school since I left primary that it couldn’t possibly live up to my high expectations and hopes, I was thrilled to discover my hopes weren’t in vain. The transition into Hautlieu at Year 10 was one of my most enjoyable experiences at this school, with the extensive support and activities put on for us such as the French trip, beach day and form obstacle course being so vital in helping us form new friendships with peers as well as integrating us into the school. Now speaking as a new Year 13 student, I have to thank Hautlieu in helping me feel more prepared for life in higher education, with the treatment of its students as young adults helping me feel more responsible for my education with the awareness that I am doing this for me and for my own future. It sounds like an obvious concept, but it becomes very easy to get into the mindset of “If I don’t get this grade this person will be disappointed in me” which is not what education should be about. The teachers and other staff members at Hautlieu have really helped instill in me the reality that in life you must be ‘the captain of your own ship’ so to speak. It’s been really liberating in allowing me to enjoy learning for the sake of learning, not just to pass exams.

Phoebe – Deputy Head Girl

Hautlieu always goes above and beyond when it comes to ensuring students are cared for and looked after. Student transitions are always smooth and welcoming, whether you decide to come at age 14 or 16, Hautlieu is there to support students, in a mature independent learning environment. The staff are exceptional; constantly putting on extra lessons outside of school time and offering advice and help whenever needed, just because they genuinely want to help and care for pupils. Whether you’re into sport, music, art or haven’t really found your thing yet, Hautlieu offers plenty of opportunities to get involved, from football teams to bull riding during Chique week, we have it all. I would recommend Hautlieu to all types of students and believe it has pushed me to work harder and achieve higher grades. I’ve always enjoyed making and creating music and have always been too scared to perform in front of my peers. However, Hautlieu has supported and pushed me to be able to do things I never thought I’d be able to do, and I am now able to play in front of my friends and the whole school in events like the Summer Concert. I’m looking forward to my last year at Hautlieu, and know that I’ll be guided and helping through my University application, as well as having fun with my friends and getting the best grades for me!

Joel – Deputy Head Boy

Hautlieu is a place for any progressing individual to take their character to the next level. What you want to work on, the school provides, no matter what the department, science, art, mathematics, drama, English, sport, there’s something for everyone, whether it be academic, creative, athletic.  The school does an incredible job to help find the program of study that’s best for your future and career ahead and has the upmost respect for the student’s interests, passions and dreams. Hautlieu goes to enormous lengths to ensure that what you as a student has chosen to study will provide you with the best chances for a successful entry into university or the work industry. I have been incredibly impressed by the extent the school morally supports students as well as academically. Hautlieu deeply cares for its learners and accomplishes everything possible to ensure that their students’ learning environment is as safe, nurturing and as stimulating as possible.

Lessons to me are a collaboration of motivated, enthusiastic and hard-working individuals who share a burning interest in the subject and love sharing ideas and knowledge, creating an intriguing learning environment. Targets are set high and teachers support students to ensure these are met. 

Outside of lessons, Hautlieu has offered me a multitude of connections with people all over the school with different interests and ambitions across different year groups. From experience with drama productions, sports teams and community projects, regardless of age and current ability, students act as constant source of inspiration and encouragement for one another as they strive to show incredible perseverance and determination in any task, grasping opportunities with a thirst for achievement and excellence.  

I have made many life-long friends here at Hautlieu and many connections that I will keep even having left the school. To me, Hautlieu really is a means to best use your time at post 16, the value you will collect from it is a once in a life time opportunity.