Student Leaders

Head Team Welcome

Josh – Head Boy

Fundamentally, what makes Hautlieu shine are the people. The teachers and the students who take an empty building and make it into what I truly believe is the best place to learn in Jersey, an environment for growth in every direction. You join the school surrounded mostly by strangers but will find your place here, surrounded by like-minds who will quickly become some of your closest friends. The teachers are simply amazing: always ready to explain that difficult concept, challenge your perspective and push you to aim for the highest that you can.

It may seem clichéd, but my time at Hautlieu has been genuinely life changing. I joined through the 14+ applications and everyday reminds me how great a decision it was. Coming to Hautlieu, for me, was like stepping into a whole new way of thinking, not just a new school. Simultaneously mature and independent as well as relaxed and supported, Hautlieu is the ideal environment in which to thrive. Whether you have no clue what to do in the big-wide-world after school, or have been set on a future for years, Hautlieu is here to provide the very best starting point.

For Sixth Form, I chose to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) because it is the best option for me to nurture the inquisitive and driven mindset that Hautlieu helped me to create during my GCSE level study here. It has taught me that learning and research is not just for exams; I’ve learnt to enjoy learning for the new perspectives and insights that it provides. Both A-Levels and the IBDP at Hautlieu set you up perfectly for university or employment, with a plethora of staff who are more than willing to support you throughout the whole process.

With Hautlieu, I’ve competed in the Historical Association’s ‘Great Debate’ as one of the many extracurricular opportunities available. No matter your subject there is something for you to take part in: whether it is off island trips in Biology and History, or a student exchange with a French school. You can also take part in our week-long dress down Chique Week, join the Rights Respecting School team and take part in the school show every year.

Hautlieu’s an excellent place to spend one of the most crucial periods of your life, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Freya – Head Girl

One of the best decisions I have made over my time in education was moving to Hautlieu at 14. Over these last couple of years I have loved being able to better my education in such a supportive and inclusive environment. The opportunities that have been offered to me and the people I have met have moulded me into the person I am today.  Hautlieu has not only allowed me to learn valuable skills such as public speaking and project organization, but I have also been able to build confidence within myself. My time in this school has left me as ready for university as I could possibly be.

I chose to study the International Baccalaureate, because I was uncertain about what I wanted to do when it came to my university degree. For years I had been set on history, but recently I realized that I had a much greater interest in studying biology. The flexibility that this course offers has allowed me to change my choice of study. Furthermore, studying such a broad range of subjects for a longer period will be crucial for a career in education. The research aspects of the course, such as the extended essay, has taught me how to construct and carry out academic research which I know will help me out with my education after secondary school. I am really enjoying studying such a different course and would completely recommend the IB for any students unsure about what they want to do in future.

Finally, there is the question of why I applied to be on the Head team. Throughout my time at Hautlieu I enjoyed getting involved with anything I could. Whether it was helping out with Chique week or setting up the new student council, I wanted to be involved. And there has never been a time where I have regretted anything I have taken part in. Being on the head team offered the opportunity to be even more involved in some of the key events that Hautlieu organize such as the running of Chique week and the 14+/16+ evening held for new students.  However, my main reason for applying to be part of the Head Team was because I wanted to give back to Hautlieu. This school has provided me with so much support in the three years I have been here. I want to spend my last year here supporting and working with the Hautlieu community.

Hautlieu has provided me with a safe environment to learn and grow as a person. And in these years of exam stress and the pressures of sorting out your future, the kind supportive community of Hautlieu school makes all of these important stresses that little bit easier.

Joe – Deputy Head Boy

My move to Hautlieu at 16 has had an extremely positive effect on me. They have supported me and helped me grow as a person regarding my future and my current attitude towards academia.  Staff at Hautlieu are always offering new and interesting ways to learn whether it is in lesson or extracurricular.

This school and its staff have helped me discover what I really want to do as a career by supporting my ideas and being open to discussion regarding it. They are also extremely supportive when it comes to 18+ education at universities as their UCAS tutoring process is thorough and insightful.  There are always people on hand to help you look at courses and build your personal statement. Hautlieu also manage to create a balance between helpful mentoring and student independence, this is important as it allows us students to care for ourselves but also gives us the ability to ask for help if it’s needed.

Studying three subjects at A-Level has meant for me that I have found people that are interested in the same things as me and this has allowed me to expand my friend groups and helped me become immersed into the community of Hautlieu. 

The community of Hautlieu is also one not to be missed. Our annual Chique Week allows us to support charities in the wider community collaborating between students and staff in the name of charity as well as hosting non-uniform days and Jeans-for-Genes days.

Maddie – Deputy Head Girl

I joined Hautlieu school at 14 and I am forever thankful that I did. Hautlieu understood the struggles we all go through during the transition to a new school and made every effort to ensure that we all bonded as a year group. I have been provided with countless opportunities at this school including trips to Chinese and French schools in which I made friends from around the world, the chance to complete my Duke of Edinburgh silver award, numerous opportunities to gain work experience, talk to States’ members regarding current issues in Jersey, the list goes on…

Not only have I been pushed to achieve in my chosen subjects, I have also been supported and encouraged to pursue interests outside of my curriculum. I have been provided with a multitude of resources the most prominent example for me being the TV studio where I am encouraged to gain experience in using all of equipment provided and develop ideas for my future career. This resource has been extremely useful for me and I am grateful for it.

One thing that struck me upon joining Hautlieu was the level of independence I was given and the amount of trust that the staff had for their pupils. Hautlieu recognizes that we as students are at an age where we can make our own choices and are more likely to thrive when choosing our own path. Yet we are not left in the dark to do so. From my personal experience, Hautlieu teachers will make every effort to provide all the advice and support they can with any problem or decision. I have been taught to be self-motivated to work which is an extremely important skill that will remain with me throughout higher education and into my future career.

I would recommend Hautlieu to any student with an ambition to stive in their education and would advise that they pursue every opportunity given to them at this school.