Head Team

Introducing our new Head Team for 2023/2024!

Ivan, Mia, Sunny, Emily (seated left to right)

Head Team 2023/2024


As Deputy Head Boy I hope to help Hautlieu students feel welcome and appreciated throughout their school lives.   

I’m a keen learner, an active musician, and a smiley face around school – most of the time!  

And I’m always open for a chat or questions, just ask! 



As Head Girl, my main priority is the well-being of the school and the students.     

What I love most about Hautlieu is that it is an active community filled with many different cultures and viewpoints that help develop our students.     

Please feel free to come up and chat with me whenever you need! I’ll do everything I can to help.   



The staff here allow you as much freedom or guidance as you want, either way they never stop supporting you until they see you succeed.  

At Hautlieu, our community is made up of people who support each other to achieve their goals. 

I’m delighted to represent the school as Head Boy.   



Hautlieu is like a second home.   

As Deputy Head Girl I hope to retain the positive and supportive environment we have at Hautlieu.  

I aim to be the microphone that lifts all the student’s voices. 


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