14+ Entry Criteria and Application Process

14+ Entry Criteria

  1. You must apply for your child, who should currently be in Year 9, to join Hautlieu School as a Year 10 student by Wednesday 06 December 2023. The application form can be found in the Hautlieu Prospectus for 2024 entry or you can download a form from the school’s website.
  2. A mean Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) score of 109 or more is required as the first criteria to join the school in Year 10. All Year 9 students undertake this test and the Department for Children, Young People, Education and Skills provide the results directly to Hautlieu. Eligible off-Island applicants should contact Hautlieu directly so that arrangements can be made to sit the Cognitive Ability Test.
  3. The second criteria for Hautlieu entry is that students obtain a score of at least 103 in both the English and Mathematics progress assessments taken by all Year 9 students in Government of Jersey Schools. Students from other schools and eligible off-Island applicants should contact Hautlieu directly so that arrangements can be made to sit these progress assessments.

Appeals for students who do not meet the entry criteria

Students who do not meet the entry criteria, for example have a CAT score below 109, but wish to be considered for entry, must still apply by the deadline of 06 December 2023. This will then enable you to make an appeal for entry should you so wish by 9 February 2024. The appeals process is managed by the Department for Children, Young People, Education and Skills and utilises an online application form. We will provide details of the online appeals process after applications have been received.

Timeline of the process to join Hautlieu as a Year 10 Student in July 2024

October 2023 Half Term

Hautlieu will send a copy of our prospectus to students in Government of Jersey non-fee paying schools who have a mean CAT score of 103 or higher.

 The new 2024 14+ Prospectus will be available in October 2023.

Beginning of November 2023

A team of Hautlieu staff visit all the 11-16 Government of Jersey non-fee-paying schools to speak to any students interested in applying to Hautlieu.

Tuesday 31 October 2023 – Hautlieu Open Evening

Our 14+ open evening will once again be held at Hautlieu.  We invite all prospective students and their parents to attend.  The evening will start promptly at 6:30pm in the hall. 

Wednesday 06 December 2023

This is the deadline for the receipt of 14+ application forms.  An email or letter acknowledging receipt of applications will be sent to parents from Hautlieu by Monday 11 December 2023.

In the unlikely event that an application is lost in the post or is not processed, parents must contact the school BEFORE 3:20pm on Thursday 14 December 2023.  If your child has been offered a place at Hautlieu School a decision about whether to accept or decline the place must be made by Friday 09 February 2024.

Monday 30 January to Friday 06 February 2024

Students who have met the entry criteria will be invited to Hautlieu on a day during this week to find out more about the school and to have an individual discussion with a member of staff. The day of the visit will vary according to current school – we will write to you and your child’s school in good time for this visit. Students will need to bring their most recent school report to this meeting. We will then write to you to confirm the offer of a place at Hautlieu for Year 10.

Friday 09 February 2024

This is the deadline for parents, who had applied by the 06 December 2023 deadline, and whose child had not been offered a place, as a result of not meeting the entry criteria, to appeal against this decision. The appeals process utilises an online form which is processed by the Department for Children, Young People, Education and Skills.

Monday 19 February 2024

(the first day after the half-term break)

This is the deadline for parents, whose child has been offered a place at Hautlieu, to return the form accepting this offer to the school.

Wednesday 19 April 2024

An Information Evening will be held for parents and students who have accepted their places and are transferring to Hautlieu.

July 2024

Hautlieu welcomes students who are transferring to Hautlieu for their first day at their new school.

Hautlieu School – Process for Late Applicants

The application process to join Hautlieu School as a Year 10 student allows parents to make a late application to join Year 10 directly to Hautlieu after the application deadline of the 06 December 2023. In all cases applicants must meet the academic criteria for entry.

Generally late applications are considered under the following circumstances:

  1. Financial changes to family circumstances which has resulted in the inability of parents to continue to pay fees in fee paying schools in Jersey or the UK.
  1. Students returning to the island or moving to Jersey during or just prior to Key Stage 4, but after the 14+ procedure has been completed.
  1. Specific advice sought and given to the school from the Educational Psychology Service and/or other support agencies.
  1. Closure of a student’s present school.
  1. When there are other exceptional circumstances and the Headteacher of Hautlieu School considers this is in the best interests of the student following discussion with the Headteacher of the student’s present school.
  1. A student who refuses an offer of a place at Hautlieu and then changes their mind prior to the joining date, may be granted a place at Hautlieu School, at the discretion of the Headteacher of Hautlieu.

It is unlikely that requests will be granted for admission after the half term holiday of the Autumn Term unless there are exceptional circumstances.

All cases will be considered on an individual basis at the discretion of the Headteacher who in reaching a decision will consult with a student’s present Headteacher and any other parties as may be considered necessary. The Headteacher’s decision is final in all cases.

The above information may be subject to change given changes to the Government Covid guidelines. All updates will be published here on the Hautlieu website

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