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Hautlieu Student Council

Hautlieu School has a well-established student council that has now been in place for a number of years with all year groups represented. At present the council meet as separate year groups due to COVID restrictions, however, topics for discussion circulate through all years and ideas and outcomes are agreed as a whole council when needed.

Student council is an integral part of student voice at Hautlieu school. Students are given the opportunity to express their views about the school, the Island and the world and to make a difference. Over the years Hautlieu’s student council have worked with other schools on the Island, with the Children’s Commissioner and with politicians, including the Education Minister at the time to ensure their voice is heard.

Within school the council has been involved in a range of activities and continually strive to improve their school. They have been instrumental in uniform changes, canteen changes, including a day of menu tasting, working with a peer mentoring scheme, and more recently changes to the facilities here at Hautlieu. The council also discuss more sensitive topics and gauge feedback from their year groups to then discuss with teachers and the Senior Leadership Group. They are also an active part of the interview process for new staff and feedback on policies that have a direct impact on them and their learning.

Any student can be part of the student council at Hautlieu School. Initially there was an application process, however, from feedback from council members it became clear this was deterring some students from wanting to participate. The council meets weekly throughout the school year and new members are encouraged to join at the start of an academic year but are welcome throughout the year as well.  

When asked why students want to be part of Hautlieu student council these are the types of responses given:

“I want to make a difference for myself and my friends”

“I have lots of ideas and opinions and enjoy an outlet to express them. I was in the student council in my previous school so love that I can carry on here”

“I want to leave a legacy! And look back in years and think I did something worthwhile at school”


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