Music Technology

One day you’ll work with truly amazing people and only then will you know it’s all been worth it
Mr Harris
Teacher of Music Technology
Jason Harris - Teacher of Music Technology
Mr J. Harris
Music Technology Teacher

What makes a great piece of music?  Some would say it starts with a great composer, a great musician, a great producer or even a great engineer.  The truth is it starts from an initial idea and from there it is developed by a whole team of dedicated people. Not just from those above but also from those who design the studios, build the guitars, solder the circuits and market the product to a wider audience.

Over the years these skills have been utilised by individuals to make a name for themselves.  Now it’s over to you!  Can you rise to the challenge of studying this amazing subject that incorporates the flair of the creative musician, the application of Physics and the Business mind for making your name?

The world of music production is exciting and always rewarding and completing this 2-year A-Level will give you the skills to record, compose, engineer, produce and develop yourself as an individual and who knows into the next big artist.

The two year course will cover four main areas of study including recording, technology based composition, listening and analysing and producing and analysing.  Having this knowledge just think of what you could create!

With over 30 years in the Music Industry your teacher knows all the tricks and skills of this subject and will support you in studying this rewarding subject.  With a fully developed recording studio and a vast array of instruments you will find a creative pathway that suits you.  There are also a number of opportunities to visit world famous recording studios, music production shows and concerts to really immerse you in what Music Production is all about.  You will also get involved with the local music scene here in Jersey all of which will support your development over this exciting 2-year A-Level program.

Listen here to some of the music already created here and think about how this could be you…


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