ICT & Computer Science

Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think
Steve Jobs
Apple Co-Founder
Alex Shea - Director of ICT & Computing
Mr A. Shea
Head of ICT & Computing

ICT and Computer Science are two very different subjects, if you are interested in studying, it is critical that you know the difference between the two in order to select the right course for you.


There are 50 billion personal computing devices in use upon our planet that is roughly 6 devices per living person. Technology is growing at a rapid rate and it is important that we develop a future generation will does not only have the knowledge to use it but understands how it works and when it should be used.
At Hautlieu you will learn how to use generic software. The software studied will prepare you for today’s digital global workplace and build transferable skills for the workplace of the future.
We would like students who enjoy using software to creating content and are interested in how computer systems are used in society.


Computer science will offer you an opportunity to develop your problem-solving ability through computational thinking.

Computational thinking is an approach in which you break down problems into distinct parts, look for similarities, identify the relevant information and opportunities for simplification, and create a plan for a solution.   It requires you to think how to solve a problem “unplugged” from a computer and relate those steps to an algorithmic process.

Coding or Programming is a tool used to implement an algorithmic process.  A good computer scientist will be able to implement any algorithm in any programming language as it how the algorithm has been derived which is the key not how it is written.  We would like to develop students to use transferable skills.

Computer science will give you an understanding the fundamentals of computer system architecture.  The hardware and software required to translate and execute a program to form an output and understand the role each component has in this process.

At Hautlieu we have passionate computer science teachers which want to inspire inquisitive students who are fascinated about computers and technology.  To succeed at computer science, it is vital that you enjoy the challenge of solving problems and are determined to succeed despite failure.


ICT Computer Science
Learn new skills on how to use generic software Learn how to ‘code’ to write software
Understand how computers can be used Understand how computer systems work
Use spreadsheets, databases, word processing, image editing software Develop problem solving skills through computational thinking

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