Design Technology

Stumbling upon the next great invention in an 'ah-ha!' moment is a myth.
James Dyson
British inventor & industrial designer
Hautlieu School Crest
Mr N Selby
Head of Design Technology

Are you interesting in understanding materials, tools, technology, the energy that drives all this along and the associated environmental considerations?

For the GCSE design technology course you work to a theme selected from three given by the examination board and explore all of these areas and more to produce a final design of your own project. At A Level you will be free to select your own suitable project from an area you have an interest in, and throughout both projects you will work directly with a customer so that you get feedback on your ideas, development and the suitability of your final design.

For the Design Engineer Construct! course, the project at Level 2 is based on a particular development site with a group theme to work with. The Level 3 project will be based on a particular site where you consider in detail a particular aspect or a small building within the grounds to answer the needs of an agreed individual brief. You could even have the opportunity to work on the building of the new Hospital!

So which course should you study?

If you are clearly focused on the built environment and interested in a management role, environmental role, design role or surveying within building then the DEC! is the course for you.

In comparison, previous design technology students have gone on to be designers or work in the field of engineering, but the opportunities are very diverse so please watch our subject videos below to find out more information.


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