Special Educational Needs (SEN)

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Orla Priestley - SENCo
Orla Priestley - SENCo

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

Mrs Priestley’s role is to oversee the support of any pupils with identified Special Educational Needs, ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to reduce any barriers to learning and that they are effectively included in school life. A large part of the role is also assisting teachers and pupils in the identification of SEN. The SENDCo also applies to exam boards for any relevant Access Arrangements for exams. 

“I am very privileged to have a role where I can make a great difference in the lives of so many pupils and families. I am passionate about the effective inclusion of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, striving to give them what they need to be successful at Hautlieu and beyond.”

Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs Harvey’s Role is to support SEN students both in class and on a one-to-one basis, in addition to liaising with their teachers and parents to help students achieve the best possible outcome. Mrs Harvey also offers support to Multi Lingual Learner (MLL) students to enable them to achieve their full academic potential in what is their second language.

“I feel that every student should have equal access to education and all the opportunities that a great education brings.  It is for this reason that I enjoy working in the SEN department here at Hautlieu, helping students remove any barriers to learning and find a learning style that works for them. Hautlieu’s culture is caring, supportive and inclusive and I very much enjoy being part of a team whose main aim is to help students reach their best potential and go out into the world equipped not only with exam grades but resilience and empathy.”

Rachel Harvey - Senior Teaching Assistant
Rachel Harvey - Senior Teaching Assistant
Sarah Mallet - SEN Specialist Assessor
Sarah Mallet - SEN Specialist Assessor

SEN Specialist Assessor

Exam Access Arrangements (EAAs) are the reasonable adjustments that can be made for an exam candidate and might include things like extra time to complete an exam paper, permission to use assistive technology, or provision of rest breaks.

Exam arrangements can only be granted if they are a candidate’s ‘normal way of working’ and the candidate has a history of need. Any arrangements made must reflect the support that the candidate has had in the past few years, alongside their assessment test results. Mrs Mallett’s role as the specialist exams assessor is to carry out the assessments using the appropriate, up to date, nationally standardised tests appropriate for the age of the student.


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