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Rachel Sinfield - Coordinator of Music & Coordinator of Gifted & Talented Programme

Rachel Sinfield – Coordinator of Gifted & Talented

The Department for Education in the UK, defines a Gifted learner as a student who has particular ability in Sciences, Social Sciences or Languages such as Maths, Science, English, Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography or Philosophy.  A talented learner is a student who shows particular capability in the creative arts such as Music, Art, Design and Technology, Performing Art, Dance or in Sports Studies, although at Hautlieu we recognise the breadth of skills needed in all subjects and the gifts and talents required for them. 

On entry as a Year 10 student, a student who is Gifted and Talented at Hautlieu School, will have achieved a CAT score of 135 as a mean average or have scored 135 or above in one of the four sub category tests.  As a Year 12 student, all students will have achieved at least three Grade 8 scores at GCSE.  A nomination puts a student in the top 10% of their year group in terms of academic ability, and their nomination depends on them continuing to strive to produce their highest quality work with maximum effort.  We would initially create the Gifted and Talented students at the beginning of each academic year however, it is reviewed each month and students can be added to the register depending on their performance throughout their learning at Hautlieu.

A student can be supported in a number of ways. Within the classroom, students are offered more challenging work to stretch their understanding. Additionally, students should request further work to stretch themselves that they can explore in their own time.  We adopt a Metacognative approach to teaching and learning at Hautlieu school, and students who are Gifted and Talented often show these traits of learning very early and is seen as an excellent way to achieve success.  Outside of the classroom, Hautlieu School offers an Extension Opportunities package which highlights opportunities offered by different subject areas throughout the year which may appeal to any student.

To enhance a student’s understanding of their future options in education, we offer an Extended Learning Trip based in London and Oxford Universities.  It broadens students’ thoughts about applying to Oxbridge and the Russell Group universities as well as what is required of them now, to increase their chances of a successful application. Following the trip, students are offered tailored advice from subject specialists about how to enhance their understanding and interest in the bespoke area that they are considering focusing on at University. We hold meetings with students and monitor their progress.  All staff will monitor and report their progress going forward.   

At Hautlieu, with our motto, Summa Petamus, we encourage our students to Aim for the Highest. With this in mind, we encourage you to talk with your child about the opportunities above and consider the value they may have for them. Additionally, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to your child’s progress in relation to their Gift or Talent.


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