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Candidate Exam Results Pack

Exam Results

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External examinations for GCSE and GCE take place throughout the year, but mainly in Summer, for students primarily in Years 11 and 13. Exams for Year 11 in IGCSE English Literature are held in January. A limited number of Resit examinations for the Summer series are held in October and November and in April for any resits from the January examination series.

External IB examinations for students in Years 13 are held over a three week period at the end of April until mid-May.

Other External examinations, such as LIBF, DEC! and HSK Mandarin take place throughout the year and the relevant students and their parents will be advised as and when the dates are confirmed with the timetables posted here.


All LIBF Exam dates for 2024 by Year Group are as follows:

16 Jan – Year 12 CeFS and Year 13 DipFS 9-11

19 March – Year 12 CeFS and Year 13 DipFS 9-11 (FYI – Res-sit but free and most students sit this)

29 April – Year 12 CeFS and Year 13 DipFS 9-11

18 June – Year 12 CeFS and Year 13 DipFS 9-11 (FYI – Res-sit but free and most students sit this)

11 March – Year 12 CeFS and Year 13 DipFS ETest

22 April – Year 12 CeFS and Year 13 DipFS ETest

10 June – Year 12 CeFS and Year 13 DipFS ETest 

Assessments and Reports

05 - 11 January 2024

Yr 11 Mock Weeks

15 - 19 January 2024

Yr 13 IB Mock Week 

24 January 2024

Yr 13 Spring Assessment (In class)

31 January 2024

Yr 11 Spring Assessment & Reports

28 February 2024

Yr 13 IB Assessment 3 & Reports

6 March 2024

Yr 10 & 12 Spring Assessment 

11 - 22 March 2024

Yr 13 Mock Week (Hall)

15 - 19 April 2024

Yr 12 IB Mock Week (Hall)

22 - 26 April 2024

Yr 12 AL Mock Week (Hall)

24 April 2024

Yr 11 & 13 AL Summer Assessment 

03 - 12 June 2024

Yr 12 Summer Assessment & Reports

17 - 26 June 2024

Yr 10 Summer Assessment & Reports


A Level

International Baccalaureate

Hautlieu School Appeals

External examination results

Appeals against external exam results should only occur where there is good evidence that an exam board error has occurred. Appeals may result in grades being maintained, awarded at a higher or lower mark.
Therefore, in the interest of students and their future careers, the following procedures for appeals must be followed:

  • Request for all appeals must be submitted by the relevant HoD in writing to the Examination Officer either within 3 days of the Autumn term or as soon as possible after the receipt of photocopied scripts.
  • These applications should provide clear evidence of apparent under-performance by comparison with target/predicted grades
  • These applications should also provide clear evidence that such apparent under­performance was due to errors on the exam board’s part.
  • Applications may be accepted by Head of Centre/ Examinations Officer where it can be demonstrated from module marks that a student is very close to an upper grade boundary.
  • All requests for appeals will be considered on individual merit by Head of Centre/Examination Officer before submission is made.
  • Before an appeal is submitted, students/parents must be contacted by the Exam Officer in advance and agree to the appeal being made.
  • If a student/parent wishes to appeal against a result but is not supported by HoD, they can ask the Examination Officer to investigate whether an appeal is appropriate.
  • If the Examination Officer will not support an appeal, then the student/parent can approach the Head of Centre for a final decision.
  • Students/parents can still ask for an appeal to be made but they will . cover any financial cost
  • If student/parents/teachers are dissatisfied with the outcome of a stage 1 appeal they can apply to the Examinations Officer and/or the Head of Centre for a stage 2 appeal.
  • If a stage 2 appeal is unsuccessful, then an application can be made to Examination Procedures Review Service

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