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Miss Flack - Academic Head of Year 12
Amy Flack - RRS Coordinator

I started on the journey to the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools award in Sept 2019, taking over from Ms Butler who coordinated the attainment of the Bronze award. As a psychologist, I have been involved for many years in discussions of the causes of atrocities, like the holocaust, violent crime and mental illness. Psychology highlights the importance of a safe and stable childhood, good education and a fair and just society, in preventing all the issues above. The UNCRC promotes this. Through taking on the challenge of meeting UNICEF’s criteria for a Gold award, our school is committing to treating others in the community as equals, developing ourselves to our full potential and fighting for prosperity, tolerance and non-violence across the globe. I know that better childhood, health, education, and positive contact with other cultures, can reduce crime, discrimination and mental illness: in future, it will be our students/children, with this shared knowledge, that bring about these positive changes, locally and globally.

In 2021, we celebrated achieving our Silver award for a Unicef Rights Aware school. This academic year, we hope you’ll join us (parents and students) in our community effort to go for Gold! 

We want you to be aware of, and involved, in our activities: campaigning, fundraising and raising awareness of rights issues, locally and abroad; improving respect for rights within our school (particularly those on our school charter); and teaching others about the UNCRC (United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child). You can read a summary of the convention here or watch the video below explaining them produced by the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work at Queens University, Belfast.

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As a student, you have the opportunity to represent your mentor group in student council, as a Sports Rep, in Tech Crew or on the Year Group Charity Committee. These positions ensure you play a key role in running and making decisions at our school: everything from producing shows to deciding which charities we support and what new fundraising activities we can get people involved in.  

You also have access, as part of the Goals of Education, to talks from professionals in different fields: past speakers have included Forensic Psychologists, professional rugby players and neuroscientists. In addition, you can enrich yourself through clubs: organising and holding debates with Mr McSherry, working to make our school and island more eco-friendly with Ms Bedward, or donating your time or gifts to help run the Old Folks events and give back to our community.   

If you (student or parent) have an idea or view you’d like to share, or you’d like to be involved in teaching Rights as part of the Y10 PSHE programme or rights mentor programme, please contact Miss Flack using the contact form below and selecting Rights Respecting Schools from the Subject Dropdown.


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