Music begins where the possibilities of language end
Jean Sibelius
Rachel Sinfield - Coordinator of Music & Coordinator of Gifted & Talented Programme
Miss R. Sinfield
Head of Music

Studying GCSE Music allows you to develop a range of valuable skills, as a performer and a composer but also study a diverse range of music. 

We follow the Edexcel specification, which is a challenging GCSE course but develops a range of valuable skills for both the further study of music at 6th Form and also for the world of work. Students are encouraged to engage critically and creatively with a wide range of musical styles, develop an understanding of music from different cultures and contexts, and reflect on how music is used in the expression of personal and collective identities. Whether you intend to continue your study of music, or just further your personal skills, we hope to develop the skills to have a lifelong love of music, and to excel at GCSE and beyond. 

The GCSE Edexcel exam specification helps our students develop these skills through three main elements: Performance (30% of the overall GCSE mark), Composition (30%) and History/Listening (40%). 

Level Music allows our students to be creative, independent intellectuals who can articulate their ideas with confidence, write with style and flair, understand historical and social contexts of the music they study and perform and make informed, exciting choices about composition.  Each year we plan an exciting two-day trip to London, to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, but also, other venues to experience music of variety of types in a professional context. 

A very well-respected subject, the study of Music requires an analytical mind, a creative spark, a maturity and motivation to practice and compose, a discipline to approach wider reading and listening and a fluent writing style. 

You will have studied GCSE Music as all students need a sound theoretical basis (e.g. have ideally passed Grade 5 ABRSM Theory) on which to study this course.  Also, you need to demonstrate that you are a keen composer and be performing instrumental or vocal music at Grade 5 standard or above. 


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