Art and cultural production is at the centre of what makes a society what it is
Wolfgang Tillmans
Jamie Cole - Head of Art and Photography
Mr J. Cole
Head of Photography

Photography is widely regarding as the most democratic artform. We have a firm belief that a critical eye will lend itself well to producing creative, striking and interesting images and publications that say something about the world we inhabit. Visual storytelling is at the heart of our practice and students learn to communicate thoughts, feelings, experiences and observations in print from, book production and more. Camera craft, post-production and presentation methods are explored with clarity and creativity at the core of the process. We actively engage in community projects that are driven by research and theory, incorporating external agencies such as The Societe Jersiaise Photographic Archive and work closely with a range of local and international photographers-in-residence. Photography students have successfully responded to trips to London and Paris in recent years, and develop ideas and outcomes on industry standard platforms that prepare them for life in the arts, advertising, design, marketing and more.


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