It was really when I was at art school that I started to see the relationship between history, philosophy, politics and art. Prior to that I thought that art was just making pretty pictures – actually art is connected to life.
Yinka Shonibare
Jamie Cole - Head of Art and Photography
Mr J. Cole
Head of Art

Art rooms are spaces where students have the freedom to express their ideas and thoughts and work creatively. The way art is taught means that interaction with other students and with the teacher is different in art and design classes. Students often comment on the bonds they form with classmates because of their shared interests and ideas. The art teacher is someone they can bounce ideas off rather than telling them what to do. Studying art and design provides the opportunity to acquire new skills, as well as a knowledge of different art forms, media and techniques and you can also gain specialist skills in areas such as photography and digital technologies. Artwork is often made in response to personal, social, historical and political contexts inspired by site visits, artist in residence schemes and other interactive experiences. Problem solving and critical thinking are cornerstones of our approach to making art and engagement with the arts helps young people develop a sense of their own identity and value which in turn develops personal responsibility within school and the wider community. Arts and cultural learning encourages awareness, empathy and appreciation of difference and diversity and the views of others.


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