Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code for 2022- 2023

Our dress code reflects the ethos and high standards of our school.  It is important therefore that your clothes should be clean, respectable, tidy and appropriate to the activity being undertaken.

It is impractical to regulate for frequent changes in fashion and you should avoid extremes of fashion in dress or appearance. The nature of your dress should always be smart, safe and appropriate to a professional working environment.

Safe and appropriate footwear and specialist clothing is expected for all environments including physical education, performing arts, the workshops, laboratories and when advised by other departments.  Specialist wear should not be worn in other lessons.

The following examples are regarded as unacceptable:

  • “Fashionable” torn clothing
  • Low cut/see through/flimsy clothes/crop tops
  • Short skirts
  • Shorts (all genders)
  • Outdoor coats/jackets and hats should not be worn in classrooms
  • Inappropriate slogans/images on clothing (No profanity – visual or written)
  • Flip flops


Extremes of hair colour and appearance are not acceptable. The nature of your appearance should always be smart, safe and appropriate to a professional working environment.


Jewellery should be discreet and appropriate for a professional working environment.  Earrings/studs may be worn in ears and a small, discreet nose stud is permitted.  However, nose rings and any other form of facial piercing/jewellery are not to be worn in school.  For health and safety reasons you may be asked to remove jewellery for certain activities. 

All staff will monitor standards of appearance and as a result you may be sent home.  Students will be informed that they ‘are breaching the Key Stage 5 dress code and it is a health and safety issue.  Please can you go home and get changed.’

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