Psychology changes the way you see, interpret and interact with the world around you. This has to be good for yourself and for humanity
Mr Moss
Head of Psychology
Adrian Moss - Teacher in Charge of Psychology & Faculty Leader – Psychology & DT
Mr A. Moss
Head of Psychology

Get ready to learn more about humanity than you probably wanted to…This is not the toolkit to reading minds, self-help or serial killer studies. You’re about to start questioning what you remember, what you think you see and how much choice you have.

There are many reasons to study this fascinating subject from career prospects to your own personal interest in understanding human behaviour and the mental processes, how we act and feel. Why do you do what you do? Why do others do what they do? Psychology describes, explains, predicts and allows us to change our behaviours to benefit ourselves and humanity.

Psychology holds annual seminars with Dr Sutton to dissect the brain (literally), have selfies with bits of it and to discuss the latest ground-breaking research in reading thoughts, creating mind-controlled exo-skeletons and exploring the brain deterioration in Schizophrenia and other disorders. It is incredible to think that during these seminars, students could hold in their hands the very thing that makes an individual who they are!

Students are also offered the chance of seeing psychology in action in court! PsychoSoc runs annual trips to the Magistrates Court to witness trials, discuss what factors may have contributed to criminals’ behaviour and what influences the magistrate’s decision making.

Prison psychologists deliver talks to our students on the rehabilitation programmes they use for sex offenders, to manage anger and to deal with addiction.

Psychology students have previously learned more about interesting aspects of Psychology at a student conference in London which included a trip to Bedlam, still a practicing psychiatric facility, and got close-up to the infamous therapy couch at the Freud museum.

If we have caught your attention and you are confident in Maths, with the ability to evaluate and practise what psychology preaches, then you will find Psychology an exciting subject and this can lead to a variety of diverse career opportunities.”


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