Popular culture, commodified and stereotyped as it often is, is not at all, as we sometimes think of it . . . It is where we discover and play with the identifications of ourselves, where we are imagined, where we are represented, not only to the audiences out there who do not get the message, but to ourselves for the first time
Stuart Hall
academic, sociologist, cultural theorist, and political activist
Michael McKinlay - Faculty Leader – Performance Technology & Teacher in charge of Media
Dr M. McKinlay
Teacher in charge of Media

Media studies aims to get students to critically engage with contemporary ideas and debates. Students are encouraged to adopt a practical and academic understanding of the media, focussing on the way in which media texts, such as television and radio broadcasts are constructed and the way in which they serve to represent a range of ideas, attitudes and beliefs. Media studies is a popular A level option that can be studied in conjunction with a variety of other subjects, from ICT to business studies, English to Art. Students develop a broad range of practical and academic skills that will help them across a range of career options or further study. The subject specifically develops the following skills: creatively using ICT software and hardware, research, reflection, planning, organisation, communication and presentation.

The IB Film course aims to develop students as proficient interpreters and makers of film texts. Through the study and analysis of film texts, and through practical exercises in film production, the film course develops students’ critical abilities and their appreciation of artistic, cultural, historical and global perspectives in film. At the core of the IB Film course lies the need for creative exploration and innovation. Students are challenged to acquire and develop critical thinking, reflective analysis and the imaginative synthesis that is achieved through practical engagement in the art, craft and study of film. (Source IBO website)

Hautlieu Radio is a new media initiative aimed at giving our school community a platform and a voice. It aims to use creativity and technology to connect and to communicate. We would like to provide a full schedule of programmes that represent the interests, aspirations and ideas that connect us all together. To do that we need you!


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