Caring Cooks

We are delighted to announce that Caring Cooks of Jersey are now providing a food service to the school. This will comprise of a breaktime service and a lunch service which will include a three-week rotating hot meal provision.

Flourish was launched back in 2019 to provide a hot meal service to primary schools and has been highly successful. We truly believe that good nutrition is essential for learning and development.

Every student has the potential to do well in school. Failing to provide good nutrition puts them at risk for missing out on meeting that potential.  Providing healthier choices in schools can help to set students up for a successful future full of possibilities.

Our food

Sarah Copp, our Executive Chef designs each meal, ensuring it is balanced, nutritious and delicious. The hot lunch menu will be rotated on a three-week basis to ensure the students have a wide variety available to them at all times. Our meals are always prepared freshly on a daily basis and meet all food safety standards.

We operate a strict “no fizzy drinks” policy and all of our baked items are homemade and balanced. We do not sell chocolate, crisps or other processed items.


Our menu provides the cost of all food items. Hot meals are set at £3.50 each, other snack and breakfast items differ.


Smart cards are available for students.  This card can be topped up on an as and when basis. If a card is lost, stolen or damaged a replacement card can be ordered online via

We have every confidence that the students will not be disappointed with our food!

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