Study history; broaden your thinking; be a part of discussions which not only analyse the past but could potentially change the future!
Mr McAdam
Head of History
Mr McAdam - Head of History
Mr K. McAdam
Head of History

Studying History at Hautlieu School, whether at GCSE, A Level or as part of the IB programme, provides students with a wonderfully rich variety of skills that are easily transferrable into further academic study, employment and even in wider life. Through the study of History we of course explore the past, however it is the bigger societal and even psychological factors that truly make the subject such an enjoyable, mature and thought-provoking focus. How did Chairman Mao lead millions of his own citizens into famine? What factors and elements of luck contributed to Hitler’s rise to power? How and why did rebellions arise in Tudor England and what was their fate? Did we truly learn from the suppression of the Plains Indians in the American West? These are just a handful of the questions we ask and it is the challenge of exploring the possible answers that students relish! 

Hautlieu Historians of the past have visited battlefields and memorial sites of the First World War in Northern France and Belgium, with other visits to Berlin, Krakow and Moscow having been undertaken. Student’s exploration of the past along with consideration for other individual’s culture, beliefs, political standpoint and their ambitions to achieve happiness and tribal, national or even global unity, allow our young people to become rounded, understanding and more appreciative of the world in which live 


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