Art Competition

We are launching an art competition within Hautlieu School to celebrate the cultural diversity within the Hautlieu community. 

The goal of the competition is to create a piece of art in any form that expresses a certain culture. The idea of the competition is at the end to be able to create a calendar which will be on sale through the school. 

We will be looking for 12 pieces of art (One for each month of the year) to be printed onto the calendar, so if you can find a way to relate your piece of cultural art to a specific time of year then even better. 

If you are interested in entering this competition you can send all enquiries via the contact form below.

You will have until November 15th to create and submit your art in photograph form also to the Art Department and we will then begin looking through and deciding which pieces we would like to present on the poster.

We will then email you back if you have been selected and will need the physical copy of your art so it can be presented on the calendar.


Message Sent

Your message has been sent to the School Office. They will make contact with you at the email you provided.


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