“Paint Winter Olympics – I learn Chinese”

“Paint Winter Olympics · I Learn Chinese” a Competition for Primary and Secondary Students in Europe

Aiming at letting primary and secondary school students from European countries to experience the charm of writing Chinese characters through creating newspapers with the theme of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Spreading the spirit of the Winter Olympics with the connotation of “mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play”, the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education were solicited for competition work of hand-written newspaper.

Overall, 16 countries took part in the competition with 46 schools across Europe altogether submitting 231 pieces of work from 331 students. At Hautlieu School Mandarin students from Y10, Y12 and Y13 submitted their creations. Out of the 32 first prizes given out , 8 Hautlieu students received it and 3 students got second prizes. cultural creative products of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Through this activity, Mandarin students had increased their interest in learning Chinese. One of the first prize winners from Hautlieu, 丽莉Daniela, said,” I hope I can learn Chinese well and in the future have the opportunity to visit Beijing.”

                                     Winners in the competition

Joseph MurphyFirst prize
Anne-Marie CannFirst prize
Lance BationFirst prize
Luke Ansell and Ben CollierFirst prize
Olivia SwainFirst prize
Sophia Raffio-CurdFirst prize
Dani EstevesFirst prize
Maria Strugaria+ Amelie FitzpatrickFirst prize
Ellesha O’MalleySecond prize
Daniel BridleSecond prize
Jesper JensenSecond prize
Roberto LazzarinExcellence award
Milo DingleExcellence award

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