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The GCSE Psychology content comprises the following
Section A
+ Topic 1 – Development – How did you develop?
+ Topic 2 – Memory – How does your memory work?
+ Topic 3 – Psychological problems – How would
psychological problems affect you?
+ Topic 4 – The brain and neuropsychology –
How does your brain affect you?
+ Topic 5 – Social Influence – How do others
affect you?
Section B
Topics 6 to 10 are optional; students must study two of
them. We will be looking to study Criminal Psychology
and Sleep and Dreaming.
+ Topic 6 – Criminal psychology – Why do people
become criminals?
+ Topic 7 – The self – What makes you who you are?
+ Topic 8 – Perception – How do you interpret the
world around you?
+ Topic 9 – Sleep and dreaming – Why do you need
to sleep and dream?
+ Topic 10 – Language, thought and communication –
How do you communicate with others?
Section C
Topic 11 Research methods – How do you carry out
psychological research? (some mathematical content
is covered in this component).


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